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Ethiopost’s data insights drive EMS growth

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EMS staff at Ethiopost

2022 was a great year for EMS in Ethiopia. Since the launch of the EMS service in the country, Ethiopost has implemented the recommendations set by the EMS Cooperative to improve performance for its express mail customers. This resulted in 2022 export growth increasing by 23% and 13% inbound growth compared to the year before.*

Over 95% of EMS customers in Ethiopia are individuals wanting to send small packets internationally. To drive growth, EMS Ethiopia concentrated its efforts on understanding the top destinations for its customers and improving the overall quality of service. Ethiopost uses the EMS Cooperative’s reporting system, EMS SMART to monitor the EMS service in real-time so that it can provide customers with reliable, end-to-end delivery. EMS SMART reports are used in daily performance meetings with the Export, Import and Transport operations teams and help to identify areas that can be improved and so that immediate corrective action can be taken.

Ethiopost also set affordable prices for its customers, including special discounts for corporate customers and a lower market price. The marketing of the EMS service has improved through an understanding of customers and their needs. With this knowledge, it was able to offer a customized service specially designed for governmental organizations, which included dedicated couriers for urgent collections. 

To address transportation reliability, its action plan involves working to improve data exchange and looking for alternative transport options. There are also plans to work with ministries, policy makers and stakeholders to discuss recent changes to regulations.

2023 promises to be another good year, Ethiopost's dedicated and focused work is resulting in growth and is meeting the expectations of EMS customers in Ethiopia.

* October 2022