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EMS SMART – reporting power for EMS operators worldwide

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The EMS Cooperative has recently announced the completion of its new reporting system, EMS SMART. This is a significant milestone for the Cooperative, as all 185 members now benefit from exclusive access to the most powerful reporting tool in its history.

To meet the ever-increasing demands of cross-border e-commerce customers, EMS is increasingly used for the delivery of online purchases. EMS SMART’s comprehensive measurements allow EMS Cooperative members to monitor EMS service in real-time so that they can provide customers with highly reliable, end-to-end date-certain delivery.

Speed of service and reliability are paramount to customers. EMS SMART provides each member with a powerful reporting system that draws together in one place all EMS performance indicators allowing EMS operators to take immediate measures for continuous improvement of EMS performance for customers.

Any IT project can be challenging and the development of EMS SMART was more than an upgrade of an old reporting system. To keep pace with changing e-commerce requirements, the EMS SMART project had ambitious goals to deliver more detailed measurements than ever before.

All EMS Cooperative members are urged to take a detailed look at EMS SMART's capabilities to monitor performance and use its power to ultimately provide customers with the EMS service they need. Members are invited to contact their EMS Regional Coordinator if they have any questions.