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EMS Global Network

EMS Cooperative's Global Network

The EMS Cooperative, a body of the Universal Postal Union (UPU) *, consists of 175 postal operators who have agreed to work together to provide EMS – Express Mail Service – the fastest cross-border postal product. 

The EMS Cooperative aims to promote cooperation between member countries so they can provide their customers with a high quality, competitive EMS service worldwide at an affordable price. 

Membership of the EMS Cooperative is voluntary and open to designated operators authorized by their respective UPU member countries to provide an EMS service. The EMS Cooperative includes: 

  • EMS full members provide cross-border export and import EMS services. 
  • EMS import members receive cross-border EMS. 

* EMS Cooperative operators are an entity officially designated by a member country of the UPU to provide postal services and fulfill its treaty obligations.

Who is the EMS operator in your country?

Please visit the EMS Operators Page

EMS - Express Mail Service - the fastest cross-border postal product

What is EMS?

  • Express Mail Service - EMS is an express delivery service which connects more than 190 countries and territories worldwide.
  • A priority mail service - EMS is provided by the Post as their postal express service for documents and merchandise. EMS takes priority over other postal services.
  • Convenient - EMS can be sent from Post Office counters in over 190 countries or it can be collected from customer's premises. The EMS network has the most customer access points in the world based on Post Office counters.
  • Largest delivery network worldwide - EMS postal operators have the largest last mile coverage worldwide supported by the postal delivery network.