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Workshop shapes future strategy for EMS

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At the EMS Cooperative workshop on October 27-28, 120 experts discussed the future direction for EMS, exploring ways to further support customers and enhance performance. The key outcome was a collaboration on KPIs to help shape our next EMS Cooperative Business Plan.

EMS workshop October 2023

The EMS Cooperative Business Plan shapes the EMS service with its focus on reliability, visibility, customer-focus, and value for money. Recent changes in the express market have presented significant challenges during the current Business Plan cycle. The workshop addressed new business strategies required to adapt to these evolving market dynamics and are the initial stages of developing the 2026-2029 EMS Cooperative Business Plan.

EMS in the market
The workshop began by assessing EMS's current market position, with insights on postal exchange trends and drivers shared by an EMS Economist. An EMS Market Intelligence report looked at the factors impacting EMS, strategies to adapt the service, and actions that postal operators can take to regain their market share and profitability. Valuable insights were derived from recent EMS surveys on the effectiveness of the existing EMS Cooperative Business Plan and an EMS customer survey, the data will help planning so that EMS evolves to meet customer demands.

Members’ shaping the future direction
The workshop addressed growth strategies within the EMS market. Algeria, Brazil, Ghana and Thailand highlighted how they are growing their EMS business. Belgium, China and Cameroon shared their achievements in providing end-to-end performance excellence.

The workshop presentations set the stage for a number of breakout sessions where participants explored strategies to support customers, actions by operators to improve enhance performance. Of key importance were findings from the group discussions where experts collaborated on initial Key Performance Indicators, as the foundation for shaping the next Business Plan. Thanks to all that took part in the two-day event to set the course for the future of EMS.

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