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Romanian Post 2023: modernization and internationalization

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Posta Romana's new digital parcel lockers
Posta Romana's new digital parcel lockers

The focus of the Romanian Post, the national postal operator, is to constantly evolve and optimize its service for customers. Romanian Post’s investment in modernizing the network has improved the EMS service, resulting in a 75% increase in EMS volumes in Quarter 1 2022 compared to the same period the year before. During 2023, outbound EMS volumes remain steady. 

Romanian Post is one of the largest employers in the country with 23,000 professional employees. Customers using its EMS service benefit from its full territorial coverage, infrastructure and 12,000 postal couriers reaching customers' homes.

Important to Romanian Post’s modernization strategy is to make EMS more consumer-centric. It has increased the number of destinations worldwide where customers can send Express Mail Service items, with 20 new destinations being opened during 2022. Romanian Post’s efforts for extending the network are constantly ongoing, with aim to return to full pre-pandemic levels with EMS partners.

Romania turned recent transport challenges into opportunities by looking at alternative transport options. During the pandemic, it opened land transport routes to key regional partners and sea routes to China and Australia. Continued uncertainty has meant that the Romanian Post retained its flexibility in routing, adjusting road lines to nearby countries, as well as offering humanitarian aid and mail air-forwarding for conflict areas.

Romania’s privileged geographical position is key to one of its primary objectives to become a Regional Logistic Hub. Work is being done to expand and connect services at a national level (with important Romanian institutions) but also with its international infrastructure of logistic and parcel transportation services. 

A recent innovation has been Romanian Post’s partnership with eBay. Together they have created e-export nation, a marketplace where customers from all over the world have the opportunity to shop from Romanian entrepreneurs. The service offers Romanian traders an efficient online store, customers benefit from discounts and Romanian Post’s optimal delivery times. 

Romanian Post's modernization and digitalization is designed to reach its goal of becoming a more efficient partner going forward. Its ability to adapt through investment in transport and e-commerce innovations is meeting the ever-changing needs of EMS customers.