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New stamp celebrates EMS Cooperative’s 20th anniversary

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UAE's EMS Cooperative 20th anniversary stamp
EMS Cooperative joint anniversary stamp

10 September 2019 is the 20th anniversary of the EMS Cooperative. To celebrate, postal operators around the world have issued a special joint EMS joint commemorative stamp, specially created by the UPU's International Bureau to mark the occasion.

Members have used the stamp to highlight to their own customers the importance of their Express Mail Service (EMS) and how they connect with members of the EMS Cooperative globally. Since the creation of the EMS Cooperative, thanks to efforts from members, volume growth of the EMS network has increased by more than 150%, proof that today EMS is commercially and strategically important for postal operators and their customers.

EMS Cooperative members generated EMS export growth of over 20% during the Doha business cycle and during the first two years of the Istanbul business cycle EMS export volume is already trending 30% higher this cycle, compared with the first two years of the previous cycle. The real proof of the success has been the value created for global customers over the lifetime of the EMS Cooperative, collectively generating more than US$2.4 billion in annual business for its members and growing strong.

During the 20th anniversary celebration of the EMS Cooperative, when the stamp was unveiled, Mr. Hussein, UPU Director General, said that the UPU will wholeheartedly support the EMS Cooperative to ensure that the growth over the next 20 years is as exciting as the previous two decades.

In 2019, EMS Cooperative members worldwide have demonstrated their commitment to EMS celebrating 20 years of excellence and are looking to the future by shaping the vision of the EMS service over the next 20 years.

Joint EMS 20th anniversary stamps
Joint EMS 20th anniversary stamps