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20th Anniversary joint commemorative stamp

20th Anniversary joint commemorative stamp image

The UPU's EMS Cooperative celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2019.

Founded at the Beijing Congress on 10 September 1999, the EMS Cooperative has been working with designated postal operators on developing express delivery with a high quality, competitive Express Mail Service (EMS) worldwide.

EMS Cooperative members have achieved significant success developing EMS to make it the fastest postal product, combining speed with reliability, affordability and customer focus. 

To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the EMS Cooperative and its members are organizing a range of activities, including the issuing of a joint commemorative stamp in 2019.

A special 20th anniversary stamp template has been created by the UPU's International Bureau for this occasion. All EMS Cooperative members are encouraged to use this template for the stamp to help promote this important anniversary and the success of EMS around the world.

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