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Shared vision to strengthen the EMS network

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EMS Cooperative award winners 2023

EMS members left the 2024 EMS Cooperative General Assembly with a shared objective to focus on basics:

  • to restore network performance, and, 
  • to reduce end-to-end transit time.

To help with this, the April meeting proposed some innovative ideas for the network, enhancements to tools available to support EMS operators, and EMS market insights. 

In his opening address, Masahiko Metoki, UPU Director General, emphasized the “need for collaboration among members and a concerted effort and dedication to achieve the goals of the EMS Cooperative.” Crucial to the recovery and strengthening of the EMS network and brand, is that “quality of service, as well as speed, should remain high for EMS.”

Over two-days, 153 participants, both in Berne and online, reviewed the work of the Cooperative in 2023, endorsed budgets and future work plans, including regional training activities. A presentation of EMS SMART, the EMS Cooperative’s reporting system, included the first demonstration of a new EAD dashboard, which was enthusiastically received by members.

The future direction of EMS will be set out in the next Business Plan. Work is already underway preparing for this, the results of surveys and market intelligence will help inform future planning. The General Assembly also approved the creation of a drafting group responsible for drawing up the EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2026–2029.

Active engagement and positive discussions have enabled significant decisions to be made. The April General Assembly provided an opportunity for all EMS Cooperative members to assess the current position of EMS, working together to restore performance and reduce end-to-end transit time.

Congratulations to the top performing EMS operators for 2023

In a special ceremony at the meeting EMS awards were presented by UPU Director General, Masahiko Metoki; UPU Deputy Director General, Marjan Osvald and the chair of the EMS Cooperative Board, Patrick Richard. 

EMS performance awards recognize EMS performance excellence. The 2023 Gold EMS Performance award winner was Oman; Silver was awarded to the United Arab Emirates and there were Bronze awards for Qatar and Ukraine.

Alongside these, 28 members were presented with awards for their excellent EMS customer care (ranked according to the rules): United Arab Emirates, Oman, Papua New Guinea, Azerbaijan, Qatar, Benin, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Macao (China), Madagascar, Viet Nam, Jordan, Bangladesh, Algeria, Ghana, Bahrain, Brunei Darussalam, Morocco, Cambodia, Ukraine, Mauritius, Bhutan, Singapore, North Macedonia, Togo, Indonesia, Malaysia and Ethiopia.