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Shared local knowledge key to European EMS growth

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Participants at the European EMS symposium (May 2018)
Participants at the European EMS symposium (May 2018)

Sixteen European EMS operators were the first to take part in an EMS symposium in 2018. The event built on the momentum from the previous symposia and proved to be an important networking opportunity where members from many different size European postal operators shared experience on sustaining EMS market growth. 

The situation in Europe is extremely competitive but steady e-commerce growth has allowed good growth for some postal operators in Europe, including Azerbaijan, Albania and Georgia who shared their strategies on how they have grown their EMS service. Transportation is an area of continued focus from members;  Spain explained their work improving Customs management and Belgium looked at ways to increase visibility during EMS transportation.

E-commerce customers need to have access to information throughout the supply chain. Providing EDI (EMSEVT V3 and ITMATT) is a challenge but a benefit of this type of event is the way that EMS operators share their experience, such as the input from the UK on their experience implementing EMS EVT V3 and the new USA requirements for electronic advance data.

In this crowded market, there are still opportunities for posts to work with exporters wanting an international delivery network. The 31 high-level managers that attended left with new ideas and strong relationships so that they can work with each other to provide a reliable delivery network. Knowledge is power and European operators have unique insights into the local market to provide full end-to-end delivery for e-commerce.