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Response to COVID-19

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COVID-19 or flu virus

In a fast-changing world, members have made tremendous efforts in response to the outbreak and spread of COVID-19. EmIS messages (also posted on the EMS web) communicate how members are responding quickly to the latest governmental advice and travel restrictions. 

The Universal Postal Union recognizes that the COVID-19 pandemic is an immense challenge for postal operators and our partners in airlines, shipping and global logistics. 

We encourage everyone to follow the guidance of the World Health Organization, as well as the advice provided by their country’s own medical advisors. The health and safety of everyone is our first priority.

The EMS Cooperative is following the situation closely and we continue to work with our membership to ensure the safety of delivered postal items, and that delays caused by flight cancellations are temporary and short lived.

Looking forward, in these challenging times it is important that members continue to work to communicate and respond to the latest efforts being made to restrict the spread of the virus. We fully expect EMS Cooperative members will prove to be flexible and understanding of all affected partners during this crisis, and prepare for a post-crisis economy in which EMS Cooperative members play a significant role in supporting the growth of global commerce and trade. 

In accordance with the UPU Director General’s decision  to close the headquarters of the Universal Postal Union with immediate effect due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EMS Unit team will be working remotely and all travel has been postponed until further notice.  Please be assured that in this difficult time, all EMS Cooperative members can count on our continued support and rely on the continuity of all EMS Cooperative services.  As usual, if needed, please contact your EMS Regional Coordinator and check our website for all updates.