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Heroic role of posts during this global crisis

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Postal delivery
Ensuring the safe delivery of EMS items

As many people around the world are living under lockdown conditions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, there is an increased focus on the efforts made by member posts during the pandemic, which are providing vital support at this challenging time.

Postal workers have always played an essential role in serving the community. Now more than ever we thank our members for their efforts in keeping the EMS network open.

EMS Cooperative members are working to keep international cargo flowing so that vital medical supplies can be delivered to communities most in need. During the first quarter 2020, EMS members delivered a wave of medical merchandise and other needed supplies, firstly exported from Japan, Singapore and Europe to China and then exported from Asia to Europe and North America. As the pandemic spreads to new territories, it is vital that these supply chains can keep operating.

Within countries our members are often unsung heroes; their work can be ‘high risk’ as they continue deliveries to keep people connected to the outside world. The magnitude of COVID-19 means that Posts are working hard to protect their employees while serving customers. Posts have quickly adapted their way of working to ensure that social distancing rules are maintained for the protection of both their employees and customers. Services have also been adapted so that Posts are trusted to deliver vital medicines and food to those self-isolating or to communicate important information about the pandemic.

Members around the world are working to respond to the latest efforts being made to restrict the spread of the virus and ensure the safe delivery of EMS items. We are proud of the heroic role of postal workers during this crisis.