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A perfect match: EMS twinning between Indonesia and Singapore

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Indonesia and Singapore EMS twinning project
April 2018 Pos Indonesia and Singapore Post sign EMS twinning project

Two more posts are taking part in an EMS twinning project as a way to share expertise and improve EMS performance. Indonesia and Singapore are the latest Posts to recognize the benefits of close twinning cooperation and signed a twinning agreement in April 2018.

The project between Pos Indonesia and Singapore Post is focussing on the exchange of good practices, strengthening human resource capacities and making improvements to EMS deliveries. Both Posts will work together to optimize technology to support the supply chain through tracking, air transport, customs and postal security. Central to the success of the project are the regular visits to each Post where they can exchange ideas on improving EMS. 

All members of the EMS Cooperative work together to provide a global express network but twinning takes this a step further: Posts that are twinned work in close cooperation to improve the express service offered to customers. To date, all nine twinning participants have had a positive experience and the close cooperation has benefitted trading lanes in Asia Pacific, the Arab region, Europe and Latin America. 

The projects are supported throughout by the EMS Unit and so any EMS Cooperative member interested in twinning should contact their EMS Regional Coordinator.