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New online label for EMS customers

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Customs declaration label

A new online label is now available for EMS operators and customers worldwide. EMS operators using the Customs Declaration System (CDS) and online label are complying with local customs authority requirements and this will potentially speed up delivery time.

Launched in September, the service will benefit customers as it provides an easy way to save time by as EMS labels can be prepared in advance at home through the online form. 

EMS Cooperative operators using the tool will be able to validate the label information provided by the customer, link it to an EMS barcode, and generate a standardized electronic message which can be sent to requesting destination posts through the UPU system When an EMS label is created by a customer, it generates important customs information which is sent electronically to customs authorities before the physical arrival of the EMS item at the destination.

As an incentive to use the Customs Declaration System, the EMS Cooperative will cover the costs of the first 1,000 declarations sent through CDS by participating EMS members before 31 December 2018.

There is a need for all operators to work with customs to improve security and by using CDS they comply with the latest changes to regulations affecting cross-border postal services.

Posts using CDS

Customers from the following countries can already use the online label

  1. Aruba 
  2. Azerbaijan 
  3. Barbados
  4. Bhutan 
  5. Brazil 
  6. Canada 
  7. Cayman Islands 
  8. Colombia 
  9. Curaçao 
  10. El Salvador 
  11. Estonia 
  12. Georgia  
  13. Germany 
  14. Gibraltar 
  15. Malaysia 
  16. Netherlands 
  17. Panama (Rep.) 
  18. Slovakia 
  19. Solomon Islands  
  20. Thailand
  21. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland