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The UPU Customs Declaration System provide a means for the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) of standard messages CUSITM/CUSRSP between Postal Operators and their national Customs Authorities, as well as for ITMATT message exchanges between postal operators.

CUSITM is the electronic equivalent to a paper CN22/CN23/CP72 form.

CUSRSP is the message standard for capturing customs responses, both to the local post, and to the origin post sending a mail item (i.e. security alert).

New value-added service offer: EMS online label application

The EMS online label application will allow customers to complete an EMS label, including the important information in the customs declaration, which can be used by posts to generate the ITMATT message.

EMS Cooperative members using this tool will be able to validate information provided by the customer, link it to an EMS barcode, and generate the ITMATT EDI message, which can be sent to requesting destination posts via  

Until 31 December 2019, the EMS Cooperative will cover the costs of the first 1,000 declarations of each participating EMS member in order to encourage the use of CDS and transmission of EDI messages. This offer is only valid for members that are not yet sending EMS ITMATT messages.

EMS Cooperative members interested in benefiting from this offer should provide the contact details of the staff who will be in charge of the implementation of this project by contacting: