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Mongolia’s investment in EMS branding

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New EMS counter for EMS Mongol Post
New EMS Mongol Post Office counter

Mongolia Post is not afraid to take on its competition. It recently opened a new post office in the centre of Ulaanbaatar, directly opposite the offices of a private carrier. 

The promotion of international EMS was a key part of this investment. The message to customers in Mongolia, is to use EMS Mongol Post as a cost-effective way to send and receive cross-border e-commerce.

It was important to EMS Mongol Post to integrate the new EMS logo in its design and accompanying promotional materials. The revamped EMS logo brings the EMS brand up to date, yet retains EMS brand recognition. All EMS operators are working towards fully transitioning to the new logo by 1 January 2021.

This work is the first step in work by EMS Mongol Post to rebrand EMS, there are plans to renovate their vehicles and hopefully introduce it on the web by Quarter 1, 2021 so that the product is familiar to businesses throughout Mongolia. 

The introduction of international EMS as a key product has required commitment and support from the whole team. EMS Mongol Post has been working hard to provide its customers with not just a good product but also with excellent customer support. In 2019, EMS Mongol Post received an EMS customer care award and is continuing to supporting its customers in 2020.