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Join Myanmar and aim for EMS Gold

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2024 EMS awards

The targets set by the Cooperative provide a clear path for improving the quality of the EMS service. As we start a new year, this is an excellent time for all operators to set goals to improve the EMS service.

An effective way to achieve success is to aim for one of the coveted EMS awards which only recognize and reward the most outstanding EMS service. In 2024, be inspired by the actions and achievements of Myanmar EMS in its pursuit of a gold standard for EMS. 

Myanmar awards since 2019

Myanmar 2022 double award winner: Gold Performance and Customer Care 

Myanmar's aim is to provide their customers with an excellent international EMS service. To achieve this, they worked on a shared goal to be EMS award winners. In 2022 they achieved their aim and were awarded a Gold EMS Performance award. The path to EMS Gold was not overnight, Myanmar EMS was established in 2006 and since then the EMS team have worked to develop international links to connect its customers internationally.

In the last few years, there has been a dramatic rise in EMS performance for Myanmar. They used the EMS reports to monitor their performance, until Myanmar EMS rose to be one of the highest performing EMS operators in the world. This ascent was accompanied by a series of accolades: a Bronze Performance Award in 2019, followed by Silver in 2021, culminating in the prestigious Gold performance award in 2022, alongside a 2022 Customer Care award. The rise shows Myanmar’s EMS commitment to exceptional service and performance.

Achieving success demanded meticulous planning and a keen focus on refining performance through attention to detail. For instance, the enhancement of customer care underwent a systematic process: establishing dedicated response times for queries, involving both IT and managerial teams in oversight. Continuous evaluation of the reports was coupled with prompt issue resolution, drawing upon the expertise of the EMS Unit for additional support when necessary. Collectively, these incremental steps significantly improved customer service communication with EMS partners and the experience for customers.

Each year, EMS Cooperative members agree tougher award criteria designed to help achieve continual EMS improvements. The 2023 EMS award criteria presents challenges for all operators, including Myanmar EMS. They recognize that it is going to be difficult to increase mail volume in an extremely competitive market. Another issue is transport, for Myanmar there are still few direct flights to the bigger mail volume countries. Despite the transport challenges, they will continue to focus on improving end-to-end performance and at the same time, aim to achieve positive export volume growth.

Myanmar welcomes partners who can support a transit service to further expand destinations. EMS is a partnership and for Myanmar small steps taken by partners could help improve the service for all. They request that EMS partner operators scan arrival at inward office of exchange (EMD) and that ITMATT is inputted for all merchandise.

Looking at EMS for 2024, the EMS levels set out in the award criteria set out shared vision for improving EMS. Join Myanmar in their quest for Gold and aim to be an EMS award winner in 2024.