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EMS meets the needs of small & medium businesses

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Customer with EMS parcels

The advancement of online marketplaces has accelerated the exposure of small and medium businesses (SMBs) to global consumers and has bolstered SMB demand for worldwide export shipping.

For small and medium businesses new to the complex, often daunting realm of international shipping, EMS is a trusted brand upon which they can rely in establishing a cross border presence. The proximity and reach of the EMS global network affords simplified, low-risk access to global markets and economies of scale.

EMS remains a major force in the world by offering an outstanding value-proposition. It has transparent pricing so that SMBs can see the service features included, in contrast with additional costs that some commercial carriers charge. This makes EMS attractive to SMBs as they can manage their financial budgets with the cost certainty provided by EMS.

Although the pandemic disproportionately impacted SMBs and led to many business closures, those that survived the worst fallout are now re-engaged in cross border operations. EMS operators are re-establishing relationships with local SMB exporters who value EMS operational and all-inclusive service.

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