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2018 Business Plan targets will kick-start the year ahead for EMS

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Customer service word matrix
EMS customer service focus for 2018

In 2018, the EMS global network will cooperate to ensure that EMS meets delivery and customer care demands from its international e-commerce customers. 

As the fastest postal product, EMS combines speed with reliability, affordability and customer focus. During 2018, customer service best practice will be promoted and several projects will provide guidelines and procedures to help members improve EMS customer care. 

To meet customer expectations members will focus on transportation in the EMS pipeline to ensure that items are prioritized. EMS members will also be working with other parts of the supply chain, including Customs and security, to help improve speed and quality of service.

Behind the scenes, an increase of the target for participation in the Pay-for-performance programme will help EMS operators improve their international express service. An additional tool to help the members in their work – a new version of the EMS Operational Guide has already been launched, allowing EMS operators to easily access information about the EMS product offered by its international EMS partners in 198 countries and territories worldwide. This has many benefits, including helping EMS customer service, as operators can extract information in a flexible way. 

2018 promises to be a busy year as work continues to help operators meet and surpass EMS customer expectations.

Looking forward, all EMS Cooperative members will be invited to attend a global workshop focused on formulating the strategy of the EMS Cooperative through the end of the next business cycle in 2025.