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Brazil Post pioneering EMS innovation

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To acknowledge their long-standing support of the EMS Cooperative, the President of Brazil Post, Juarez Cunha, was invited to Berne to deliver a keynote address at the 20th Anniversary of the EMS Cooperative in March. In his keynote address Juarez Cunha emphasized the importance of Brazil Post’s EMS as a way to serve society and helped Brazil to advance and progress. The EMS service has helped to connect Brazil to the rest of the world.

In the last 20 years, there has been consistent growth in Brazil's EMS imports and export volumes. Brazil Post has been pioneering in its EMS development and today it’s the main export service offered to Brazilians with an 18% share of postal exports (up to 30 kg).

Brazil Post is working hard to support the development of EMS recognizing that the service must adapt quickly to meet the challenges of a fast changing marketplace. Recent service improvements have led to recovery in 2017 and 2018. Delivery-on-time has increased to 99% in one year and customer complaints have reduced dramatically.

Key to Brazil Post’s success has been the development of customs clearance tools such as Correios Exporta Fácil, a simplified single window for foreign trade portal for exports up to 30 kg using the EMS network. Exporta Fácil has been designed to help micro-small businesses to increase business by helping international exports. There has been a focus on support for customers through specialized consultants for international trade, differentiated prices for account customers and offering pricing and posting tools for use on e-commerce websites.

Brazil Post is still innovating. New ideas include ‘Compra Fora', a service allowing Brazilian customers to save on import costs by offering a PO Box for international online shopping, the items are then shipped back to the customer in Brazil.

Brazil Post recognizes the huge potential of the EMS service and its new EMS innovations will help Brazilians to connect internationally. As a member of the EMS Cooperative, Brazil Post's EMS innovations will continue to help strengthen the EMS global network.