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Standardizing EMS results in 17% growth for Australia Post

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Australia Post connecting business internationally

The choices available for international express customers can be overwhelming. Recognizing this, Australia Post has developed a three-step strategy to simplify its EMS product and EMS communications to staff and customers. The project has been very successful, resulting in a significant growth in EMS volume up 17% from 2017 to 2018. 

The first action undertaken by Australia Post was to standardize and simplify its non-contract express parcels. The work was communicated to staff through a focus on internal training and, at the same time, the project was supported by a marketing campaign with expansion of EMS shelf-presence in local post offices. The results were immediate: a year-on-year month comparison for EMS saw 72.8% growth within the first two months of the project launch.

The second group targeted was contract business customers. Once again the focus was standardization and simplification of the product. With the support of  significant sales training and a sales campaign promoting a flat rate up to 2 kg,  EMS growth of 11.9% was achieved in 2018.

Finally, the work was complemented with Australia Post's 'Going Global Sales Campaign' targeted at international e-commerce customers. 29 teams across Australia Post received training; the campaign exceeded all targets to provide a massive return on investment.

These three steps to standardize the product and shift the marketing focus towards EMS has made it easier for the Australian e-commerce customer helping drive growth not just for Australia but also throughout the entire EMS network.