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EMS preparations for the easing of national lockdowns

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Unlocking EMS

Countries around the world are beginning to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and this has led to an increase in demand for cross-border e-commerce. Posts are perfectly placed to support this resurgence as they provide simplified shipping and lower pricing.

Following the government-imposed lockdowns of 2020, EMS operators are entering the cross-border market at different stages. In those areas where local businesses and consumers are able to resume cross-border activities, EMS operators are working to assess their operational capabilities and are developing marketing strategies.

There are some fundamental actions to prepare for fully re-engaging and expanding cross border services following the end of national lockdowns. A crucial step is assessing transport options as in nearly every country, passenger airlines, upon which Posts often rely for transport, have drastically reduced flight schedules due to government-imposed lockdowns. As local economic activity increases, many EMS operators have put in place solutions to take advantage of available transport capacity.

Posts should also evaluate their capabilities to serve customers with international EMS to ensure they can accommodate growth in EMS volume. With the return of operational capabilities, EMS Cooperative members are looking to create new marketing plans for international EMS by stressing the EMS advantages over competitors from service, performance and pricing perspectives. 

The goal for EMS operators is to win back customer volume and strengthen the Posts’ position. As a Cooperative, EMS is able to deliver these operational and marketing actions involving collaboration between Postal departments and with other EMS operators. Prioritizing operational improvement and enhancement of the international EMS value proposition will position Posts to sell their premium export product and improve EMS market share in the short and long term.

EMS Cooperative members can access more ideas in a market intelligence report: