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15 awards in 16 years: consistent excellence for EMS Azerbaijan

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EMS service in Azerbaijan
EMS service in Azerbaijan

Since joining the EMS Cooperative, EMS Azerbaijan has continuously worked to improve the performance of its international EMS service. As a result, it has offered its customers a consistently excellent EMS service which has been frequently recognized in the annual EMS awards: EMS Azerbaijan has secured 15 awards in the last 16 years.

These multiple awards are the result of a shared vision and investment by Azerexpresspost to ensure that it can deliver the best experience to EMS customers  As the economy in Azerbaijan has developed, so Azerexpresspost has recognized the need to have an international express mail service that supports the growing e-commerce market.

Efficient transport is key, as Azerbaijan is expected to become a major hub between the East and the West. Intensive expansion of its flight network and relatively low shipping costs have already led to the rapid development of transit mail at the Baku airport. Here, the volume of transit EMS mail is also expected to increase dramatically.

As well as improved transport, Azerexpresspost has consistently worked to upgrade its operational systems that support and monitor the performance of its EMS service. Close monitoring of performance has enabled EMS Azerbaijan to optimize routes and accelerate customs clearance to further reduce shipping times. In order to compete, it has worked hard to apply low rates and strengthen collaboration with delivery operators in destination countries.

As a result, EMS Azerbaijan has achieved much success through increased volumes and revenue. EMS Azerbaijan knows that  in order to maintain its high standards it must keep improving. The vision for the next few years is clear, and based on past performance, EMS Azerbaijan should meet its targets and maintain its position as a consistent EMS award winner.