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New eLearning: Getting to know EMS

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EMS operators have access to a range of resources that are specifically designed to help them deliver a competitive international express product to customers.

To help postal staff working with EMS, especially new managers, the EMS Cooperative is delighted to share a new EMS eLearning course, "Getting to know EMS". This course is a useful introduction to EMS and outlines the support mechanisms provided by the EMS Cooperative.

"Getting to know EMS" will help staff focus on the actions with the most impact for EMS, emphasizing key priorities for EMS staff. Learners will gain insights into EMS measurements through a close look at the metrics and indicators associated with EMS performance. It offers EMS operators a comprehensive introduction to the tools and documents essential for EMS and provides guidance on accessing them. 

At the conclusion of each module, learners are given the opportunity to test their knowledge with a short quiz. Importantly, this training is offered free of charge to all postal staff involved with EMS. Getting to know EMS is a valuable resource to foster a deeper understanding of EMS, the expectations of the EMS Cooperative, and a framework to raise individual organizational goals and standards. Even the most experienced operator should give it a go to refresh their knowledge of EMS.

EMS operators - explore all EMS eLearning 

EMS operators are encouraged to explore the suite of EMS eLearning courses developed by the EMS Cooperative:  

  • Getting to know EMS - Introduction to EMS
  • EMS Marketing
  • EMS Operational Pipeline
  • Electronic Advanced Data – implementing ITMATT
  • How to prepare a customs declaration form - customer video.

These online training opportunities are specifically designed to support the training needs of EMS operators and are readily accessible for postal staff engaged with EMS.

Visit the eLearning page (for EMS operators)