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Members meet to share EMS insights

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EMS award winners at 2023 General Assembly
Some of the 2023 award winners at the EMS Cooperative General Assembly

The annual EMS General Assembly in April allowed all EMS Cooperative members to come together to reflect on EMS and the work of the EMS Cooperative.

Over two days, around 162 attendees, met at UPU Headquarters in Berne and online. The participants received updates on EMS publications, EAD, the interface for EMS inquiries and the latest EMS traffic survey results. The meeting endorsed the 2022 budget as well as approving the 2023 budget and workplan.

The annual meeting was also an opportunity to reflect on success and recognize the EMS operators achieving the highest standards in performance and customer care. In a special ceremony during the meeting, UPU Director General, Masahiko Metoki and the chair of the EMS Cooperative Board, Patrick Richon presented the EMS awards.

The current performance of EMS globally and for each region was shared. Members also heard a presentation on trends and drivers for EMS. The EMS trend analysis is part of ongoing research, and all members, including those unable to attend the meeting, are urged to share their insights and data to help shape the future research.

The meeting was a perfect opportunity for the EMS Cooperative to reflect on progress. The level of engagement shown by EMS operators at the meeting shows that the Cooperative is ready to position EMS to meet global e-commerce demands.

Images from the 2023 EMS Cooperative General Assembly