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2022 awards celebrate outstanding EMS operators

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Winners receiving an award

Each year the EMS Cooperative recognizes excellence by rewarding outstanding operators with two categories of awards: the EMS performance awards and EMS customer care awards.

Over the last few years the criteria needed to achieve EMS awards has been raised, so the 2022 award winners have achieved the highest level of EMS service that has ever been measured by the EMS Cooperative. 

Congratulations to the 2022 EMS award winners below. The winners will be presented with their awards on 27 April by the Director General of the UPU, Masahiko Metoki, in a special ceremony during the EMS Cooperative's General Assembly.

2022 EMS performance award winners

The EMS performance awards recognize outstanding achievements of EMS members in operational performance and quality in the provision of EMS services. The 2022 performance award winners have excelled against the key performance indicators and have also demonstrated outstanding performance throughout the whole operational pipeline:

  • Gold: Azerbaijan, Maldives, Myanmar, Oman and United Arab Emirates.
  • Silver: Qatar.

2022 EMS customer care winners

The EMS customer care awards recognize postal operators that provide exceptional customer service performance.

Twenty-two operators have been awarded EMS customer care awards for their work in 2022 (in order of ranking, starting with country ranked highest based on customer service response quality):

  • Benin, Togo, Oman, Azerbaijan, Zambia, United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Qatar, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Macao (China), Cambodia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Georgia, Ukraine, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam and Kuwait.