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EMS in events around the world

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EMS and the goals of the EMS Cooperative have featured in a number of events around the world.

An important milestone for the EMS Cooperative was the recent return of the EMS symposia, where senior management share their vision and work collectively to grow EMS. In June, The EMS Cooperative, in cooperation with PostNL, organized an EMS symposium for the Europe region at the Hague, Netherlands. Senior managers from 24 designated operators came together to discuss improvements in product and operational performance that would help position express mail services as a driver of growth. Participants shared their strategies on how to sustain EMS growth in this competitive region, business development challenges and how continuous improvement of service performance will help meet customers’ changing needs. 

In July, the EMS Unit participated in the PUASP (and CPU) forum on Quality, Operations, and International Air Transport hosted by the United States Postal Service (USPS). This forum brought together postal operators from the Americas, the Caribbean and Spain, as well as representatives from Delta, United, Air Canada, British Airways, and Turkish Airlines. There have been challenges in recent years to international transport so it is vital it is vital that there is continuing collaboration and cooperation among postal unions, air service providers, and airlines to ensure the smooth flow of international mail 

Also in July, EMS operators from the French-speaking Africa region participated in an EMS Cooperative workshop on Electronic Advance Data (EAD) and performance improvement. Over five days, participants discussed the importance of EAD, the sub-regional transport plan that can improve end-to-end transit, as well as the EMS Cooperative tools available to support operators. The workshop was opened by Togo's Minister of Digital Economy and Digital Transformation and attracted a lot of media interest. 

Finally, 18 operators from Asia Pacific took part in the annual APPU EMS Workshop on EMS performance monitoring and improvement in July. After many years of online events, this was the first time for operators from the region to meet face to face in Bangkok for the EMS workshop. Special thanks to the USPS for financing fellowships for participants to attend. The workshop was a perfect opportunity for members to review the current situation in the region and prepare detailed action plans to improve their own service.  

Thank you to Post NL, USPS, Société des Postes du Togo (SPT) and the APPU for the support offered and warm hospitality extended during these events. Finally, special thanks to all participants who have shown their commitment to the EMS service by their engagement in these events.

EMS in events around the world