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EMS Cooperative Business Plan sets out vision for EMS

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2022 growth chart

In 2022, the EMS Cooperative will work together to ensure that EMS provides e-commerce customers with a reliable, international priority express service. 

Online shopping continues to grow and the EMS service is being used by e-commerce customers sending items internationally. International travel restrictions have meant that more customers are relying on EMS to send items to friends and family around the world. The end of 2021 was very busy and the demand for EMS continues in 2022, with sales events as well as other celebrations, such as Chinese New Year, yet to take place.

EMS Cooperative Business Plan

To support customers, the EMS Cooperative Business Plan sets what is required from EMS operators so that they continue to meet the opportunities presented by the worldwide growth of e-commerce. EMS is the fastest postal product and the KPIs in the Business Plan reflect the key product features required by customers looking for a reliable, visible, standardized international express service.

In November 2021, the EMS Cooperative General Assembly approved the updated EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2021–2025 which was revised to align with the UPU's Abidjan Postal Strategy and Business Plan. The Plan included a few amendments proposed by the EMS Board in view of changes in the global market resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The EMS Vision 2025 sets out the strategy and resources needed and the EMS Cooperative Business Plan demonstrates how EMS Cooperative members will continue to work together providing a unified global network that can keep pace with the e-commerce demands.

Any EMS Cooperative member that needs further assistance on the new Business Plan should to contact their EMS Regional Coordinator.