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Supporting EMS growth in the Arab region

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Participants at the EMS workshop in Algiers
Participants at the EMS workshop in Algiers

Growing EMS business is a key focus for operators this year. In May, two significant events took place to support this goal for the Arab region: 30 delegates from 13 Arab countries attended an EMS training workshop and symposium for senior postal management in Algiers, Algeria.

The Arab region is committed to providing high quality of service for EMS, as evidenced in their performance in the EMS Cooperative awards for performance and customer care. Oman was the only EMS operator to achieve the levels required for a gold EMS Performance Award, United Arab Emirates were awarded silver and Qatar a bronze. Additionally, nine Arab operators excelled in customer service, the following all received 2023 EMS Customer Care Awards: United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Algeria, Bahrain and Morocco.

Despite these achievements, there is still work to be done to grow EMS volumes. To support EMS operators in the region, the week began with an EMS training workshop which reviewed the status of the EMS business plan implementation in the Arab region, the use of electronic advance data in operational processes, end-to-end performance challenges, EMS Pay-For-Performance, performance monitoring tools and related training materials.

Following this, the first symposium of 2024 was a platform for the Arab region to discuss business development challenges, allowing the sharing of best practices to help meet the changing needs of express mail customers. The outstanding achievements of Arab operators was highlighted, as demonstrated by the many EMS award winners from the region. The main focus was on growing EMS volumes with presentations on volume growth factors; air transport opportunities between the Arab region and Africa; strategies to win-back EMS volume and improving Leg 2 transport performance. Participants recognized that growing EMS volumes is dependent on increasing air transport capacity, the Arab region's unique geographical position and infrastructure, offers opportunities for EMS to connect regions and countries.

Organized in cooperation with Algeria Post, these events aimed to assist EMS Cooperative members in their efforts to revitalize EMS business globally, improving service performance and achieving growth.  

EMS events for the Arab region, May 2024