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Investment in technology results in growth for EMS Ghana

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EMS Ghana delivery truck

Investment in technology results in growth for EMS Ghana

Ghana Post puts customers first. In the last four years Ghana Post has centred its operations around satisfying its customers. Its International EMS service connects Ghana Post to e-commerce aggregators (buyers and sellers) around the world. Ghana’s position today is the result of a recent drive to modernize the service. EMS Ghana has innovated by introducing online resources and new services to meet the demands of today’s e-customers.

The turnaround has taken just four years and its new commercial focus has delivered excellent results. EMS Ghana’s export volume grew by 87% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.  Customers are satisfied with its high-level service quality: on-time delivery performance in May was 98% and globally, overall performance is above that of the region.

In addition, to make the service more convenient to customers, Ghana Post increased the number of networked post offices from 30 to 300. Tracking of items also made easily accessible on the website of the Company. At the centre of the turnaround strategy the digitization of Post Offices, allowing the flexibility to easily add new services available across the whole country. This coincided with the government’s introduction of digital addresses making it easier for Ghana Post to deliver items. 

Alongside the improved services for customers, EMS Ghana uses performance management to continuously improve productivity of its workforce. Delivery vans and bikes have trackers that monitor movement of the delivery man. This is achieved by fully utilizing all the EMS Cooperative reports and using EMS SMART to closely monitor performance. New programs have been designed to train and retrain staff to address gaps identified. Investment in staff is helping to keep high service standards and dedicated staff have been appointed and trained on I-Care to ensure good customer care responses.

The Managing Director, James Yalley Kwofie, joined Ghana Post in 2017 and implemented many of these changes. James is committed to EMS and has recently been voted as a new member of the EMS Board.

According to him, the Company has dedicated year 2021 for customer experience. He believes that the customer must feel the post through its service offerings and smart deliveries. The post according to Mr. James Kwofie serves two hearts. The heart of the sender and that of the recipient, which both must be satisfied without fail.

As with all businesses, the COVID 19 pandemic affected performance and had a negative impact on EMS Ghana’s operations. However, Ghana continues to maintain a high performance despite the effects of COVID-19 on the international service. The future is looking more optimistic as it expects more inbound mail as economies start to open and government support is helping EMS Ghana weather some of the challenges created by COVID-19.

The four-year turnaround of Ghana Post is thanks to the hard work of staff from across the country who have worked hard to achieve the new vision for EMS in the region. The drive to modernize has paid off, Ghana Post is in a position where it can continue to innovate and meet today’s ever demanding customer expectations.

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