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Survey captures the evolving customer mix of EMS

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Graphic representing customers buying online

The impact of the global pandemic during 2020 had a resounding effect on EMS. The results of the 2020 annual survey for EMS Operators also showed that there were changes in the types of customers shipping through the EMS network because of the change in market conditions. 

The rise of eCommerce during the pandemic, generated an increased supply of merchants, especially in emerging markets, who made every effort to extend the reach of their customer base. The popular categories of Consumer-to-Consumer shipments align with the value and weight of shipments facilitated by the EMS products.

EMS is an effective and meaningful product and service for users of eCommerce sites and online marketplaces who value fast and reliable transit. The 2020 survey results reveal that many international EMS operators have already set up relationships with top online marketplaces. For those that are not already in established partnerships, the market intelligence from the survey have provided operators insights on how to further extend and grow their market.

2021 survey is open

Every year the EMS market situation and traffic survey provides EMS operators insights on the latest global and regional trends and survey responses are of importance to the EMS network as a whole.

The 2021 survey has been sent to all members and the deadline is 15 August.

EMS Cooperative members can access the full market intelligence report: