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Lessons learned from 2020

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Graphic showing 2021 growth chart


Lessons learned from 2020 and what will carry forward into 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic presented postal operators with many challenges which impacted them from operational, financial and marketing perspectives during 2020. While many Posts navigated these challenges to resume EMS operations following temporary service limitations or suspensions, the following noteworthy lessons from 2020 continue to guide export shipping trends in 2021 and beyond.

  • Customers demand more convenient parcel drop-off and pickup options
  • Network flexibility is critical to successful transport
  • Online marketplaces are a large channel for cross border e-commerce
  • Customers are willing to pay higher prices for reliable service.

The lessons from 2020 offer Posts insight on how the export market changed since the onset of the pandemic. Adjustments in the areas of operations, marketing and finance can position Posts to attract higher EMS export volumes and improve market share. However, the lessons, while important, do not supersede each Post’s responsibility to consistently observe their local market and adapt to shifting dynamics. The ability to adjust strategically to better serve customers is most critical to the long-term goal of improving market share.

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