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EMS Vietnam ensures safe delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic

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EMS Vietnam staff

The implementation of measures to control COVID-19 and ensure the safety of employees is one of the top priorities of the Vietnam Post Express Joint Stock Corporation (EMS Vietnam). This important factor helped EMS Vietnam to maintain a stable flow of EMS and create peace of mind for customers when using the express services during peak pandemic. These measures have obviously been valued by customers as VN Post achieved a 29% export volume growth to August 2021 compared to the same period of the last year. 

Vaccinations have played an important part continued success of Vietnam Post. It is one of the companies in Vietnam with the largest number of vaccinations, with nearly 23,000 officers and employees receiving at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine. In areas severely affected, such as the southern provinces and cities, the vaccination rate is higher at over 90%. 100% of staff from the EMS branch in Ho Chi Minh City have been vaccinated.

As well as the vaccinations, COVID-19 safety measures are still in place. All employees use a mobile application which sends alerts if the users have been in close contact with people who has tested positive for COVID-19. Flexible production solutions ensure the maintenance of essential services and the smooth supply chain. By strictly implementing the Government's regulations on epidemic prevention and control, EMS Vietnam has actively developed scenarios and solutions to increase response capacity and limit the spread of the disease.

Post offices are regularly disinfected and the staff are equipped with masks and disinfectant water. Customers coming to the post office are instructed to strictly follow the regulations on epidemic prevention and control. During deliveries it is vital that postal workers wear masks and carry out health measures. In areas where social distancing is being implemented, EMS Vietnam also deploys contactless delivery. The postman will contact customers in advance to make agreement on the delivery method to limit to contact and prioritize the use of non-cash payment methods as well.

Special working solutions have been put in place at sorting centers to maintain stability and not interrupt the transportation chain, circulation and supply of goods for the North-South route of Vietnam. To ensure the safety of workers, EMS Vietnam also disinfects entire sorting centers, including goods and transport vehicles. The working shift between groups of employees has also been arranged at different times, ensuring that there is no "touch point" to avoid the risk of infection and promptly respond when there’s an infection or suspected infection.

When much of the population were unable to move about, EMS Vietnam continued its work safely. Some express services from EMS competitors have stopped due to the lack of COVID-19 safety measures and so customers have turned to EMS. The stringent COVID-19 measures put in place by Vietnam Post have helped grow the service, as customers in Vietnam are confident sending and receiving EMS.

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