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Communication and efficient delivery is key to EMS Fiji's success

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EMS marketing campaigns
EMS marketing campaigns were created to raise awareness of EMS in the community.

With the COVID-19 global pandemic affecting world economies, Fiji was no exception. Post Fiji’s mailing, retail and financial services took a downward trend, except for EMS which took an upward trend as a result of increased demand. The demand for courier services soared due to domestic travel restrictions and protocols put in place by the Government. EMS, being an extension of Post Fiji’s operation, is regarded an essential service so it was granted permission to operate at a time when non-essential service providers were restricted from doing business.  

EMS Fiji worked closely with the Ministry of Health to be COVID compliant and to ensure that staff followed health protocols when out on the field doing pick-up and deliveries. Staff were compelled to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their safety and for customers as well. The safety measures taken by EMS together, with extended operating hours, had put trust in customers to utilize the service. Through continued collaboration with relevant government stakeholders, work passes were secured to continue business well after stipulated the curfew hours.

Post Fiji used online meetings with ground handling agents to ensure correct information was communicated regarding direct and transit flight schedules whilst also educating customers to help them provide the correct documentation. To keep EMS' competitive advantage and continued success they worked in synergy with the internal postal operations team, improved delivery turnaround and provided cost effective rates to business customers seeking discounts,.

The team’s efforts were supported by massive marketing campaigns to create awareness of EMS in the community. This included social media campaigns, paid newspaper advertisements, TV advertising and radio advertising. Social media advertising was very well received as more people throughout the country requested for delivery services. Fiji residents overseas requested to use the service as the demand for help in Fiji grew from people overseas.

EMS is now the buzz word when associated with courier service. Another demand for the service came from suppliers wanting to use an efficient service to deliver products to clients,  including groceries purchased from Post Fiji’s online shop and other small entrepreneurs using EMS service to deliver their goods at reasonable fee.

Working during the COVID period and its curfews was not easy for the team, especially the drivers where they needed to cross borders and still ensure they are COVID compliant. The team work was very evident with a high level of risks taken. Work for EMS was not easy with team members taken into isolation and the remainder taking double the load to get work done.

Each day the administration and operations team worked hard to ensure customers were satisfied with delivery times. Together, EMS Fiji achieved increased sales and increased our customer base by 31% because it was the trust in service and the brand that mattered. The EMS team understands that they will continue to make increased profits in the period after May since their strong footprint has reached the residential and business communities in Fiji.