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Awarding excellence for EMS service in 2021

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    Reliability, speed and affordability are cornerstones of the Express Mail Service (EMS) product. EMS is the fastest cross-border postal product with the largest delivery network in the world, connecting the address of every citizen and business. Posts are constantly adapting to ensure that EMS meets customer expectations, and many EMS operators are finding success amidst a global pandemic that has tested the industry.

    2021 proved to be an exceptional year. Nonetheless, many EMS Cooperative members on their path to recovery were able to thrive, despite challenging conditions, EMS members worked to deliver service excellence to their customers providing high quality service in overall performance and customer service.

    We are delighted to announce the winners of the 2021 EMS Cooperative awards - a select group of member operators that have all provided high levels of service to their customers.

    Each year the EMS Cooperative recognizes quality by rewarding outstanding EMS operators with two categories of awards: the EMS Performance Awards and EMS Customer Care Awards.

    Congratulations to all of our 2021 EMS Cooperative award winners!

    2021 EMS performance award winners

    The EMS Cooperative presents Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to operators that provide an excellent EMS service for worldwide partners in the EMS delivery network. 

    • Gold: El Salvador.
    • Silver: Japan, Kiribati, Macao (China), Myanmar, Qatar, Singapore, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Viet Nam​
    • Bronze: Maldives, Togo.

    2021 EMS customer care winners

    Our 2021 EMS customer care award winners (ranking based on customer service response quality):

    1. Bahrain
    2. China (People's Rep.)
    3. United Arab Emirates
    4. Macao (China)
    5. Qatar
    6. Mauritius
    7. Singapore
    8. Algeria
    9. Ghana
    10. Slovenia
    11. Egypt
    12. Cambodia
    13. Latvia
    14. Viet Nam
    15. Norway
    16. Bhutan
    17. Madagascar
    18. Cape Verde
    19. Georgia
    20. Benin
    21. Saudi Arabia​.