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How Ukrposhta launched its EMS service during the pandemic

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The first mail load was carried by Antonov An-124 Ruslan, one of the world's biggest cargo aircraft
The first charter flight used an Antonov An-124 Ruslan, one of the world's biggest cargo aircraft

The last 12 months have been very busy for  Stock Company “Ukrposhta” as it launched its EMS service for Ukraine whilst also adapting to the complications faced delivering international EMS during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Ukraine’s Ukrposhta officially became a member of the EMS Cooperative on 1 July 2020. As the new designated operator for EMS in Ukraine, Ukrposhta has been busy successfully renewing international partnerships with other EMS operators and improving the EMS service, both for its international partners and customers. Social media and Ukrposhta’s own webpage were used to keep customers informed about the changes to the service. 

A priority was to promote international EMS to customers in Ukraine. Online shopping rose sharply during the pandemic and Ukrposhta, the largest carrier in Ukraine, was perfectly positioned to meet customer demands for convenience through its comprehensive network of almost 11,700 post offices.

To ensure that it could reach even more customers, EMS was introduced at Ukrposhta’s mobile post offices and by early 2022 the aim is that mobile post offices will reach all regions in the country, so that EMS will be available in settlements of less than 1000 people.

Online marketplaces are a large channel for cross border e-commerce and, from the start, Ukrposhta set out to support small entrepreneurs who sell their handmade products through American platforms, such as Etsy, Amazon and eBay. To help Ukrainian handmade manufacturers to start selling abroad and to develop their businesses, Ukrposhta offered special training courses on its free platform 'E-Export School from Ukrposhta'.

Ukrposhta needed a way to transport cross-border e-commerce when many usual routes were closed, so they set up 15 direct contracts with airlines allowing exports even during the pandemic. Ukrposhta in cooperation Wind Rose launched a charter program to the United States allowing 120 metric tons of exports in three regular flights per week. Other destinations are also available including: Bulgaria, Croatia, Hong Kong (China), Moldova, Montenegro (Rep.), North Macedonia and Serbia (Rep.). 

The transmission of Electronic Advance Data (EAD) for EMS items is vital and can help reduce delays by improving the customs clearance process, so Ukrposhta’s goal is 100% transmission for outgoing mail from Ukraine by the end of 2021. Another major project underway is the modernization of the delivery network, including five automated sorting centers, 2600 mobile pick up delivery offices. The upgrade will significantly improve and optimize the processing of international and domestic mail products.

Despite starting its EMS service during a global pandemic, Ukrposhta has already established itself to its customers and EMS partners worldwide.  The team at Ukrposhta is meeting its customers’ expectations and is doing its best to offer peace of mind even during a global pandemic.