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Transforming EMS in Georgia through transport

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Georgia Post
Georgia transport investment: 81 Service centers, 755 means of transport

The rapid global growth of e-commerce has reinvigorated the EMS service offered by Georgia Post. In 2013, recognising that investment was needed, Georgia Post made improvements to its services and transport infrastructure. This change led to immediate results with an increase of 24% in customer satisfaction.

E-commerce merchants are able to market their goods to a worldwide audience and so Georgia Post focussed on ensuring it provided these customers with a reliable international EMS delivery service. As a member of the EMS Cooperative, Georgia Post offers its customers network coverage in over 200 countries and territories.

As well as improved domestic transport, Georgia also improved its international links by working closely with airlines to introduce improved international transport routes for EMS. Customers have already benefited from a 17% increase in items delivered on time.

Customers in Georgia have responded to these improvements. There has been significant growth in the volume of EMS items being sent and received; current trends show further growth for 2018. EMS Georgia will continue its strategy to improve EMS performance. Its future plans include continuing focus on e-commerce offering greater flexibility to customers.