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Training helps maximize EMS Pay-for-performance financial benefits

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Participants at the EMS Pay-for-performance meeting in Berne

The EMS Cooperative’s regional Pay-for-performance training continued with a second training workshop in Europe in November. 

The workshop was a timely reminder of EMS Pay-for-performance changes coming in 2018 - from 1 January accounting in EMS Pay-for-performance will be based on EMSEVT V3 (UPU Standard M40 -7) only. Delayed implementation of EMSEVT V3 could bring a financial impact to those operators not prepared for the accounting change. 
The training took place at UPU headquarters in Berne and was attended by staff responsible for tracking implementation and quality of service monitoring. Through group exercises and presentations participants learnt how to correctly implement EMSEVT V3 and details of the new Pay-for-performance measurement methodologies and reports. 
As with the Asia Pacific training in September, there was a lot of interest in the event: 32 participants from 21 operators attended. Initially it was thought that the event would interest members from Europe but the importance of the topic meant that it also attracted participants from Brazil, Iran and the Philippines. 
If any member has questions about EMS Pay-for-performance or EMS EVT V3 please contact their regional coordinator.