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Strategy during pandemic builds strong base for EMS Algeria

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EMS Algeria international poster

For many 2020 was a challenging year but for EMS Champion Post Algeria it was a year of growth. Despite COVID-19 restrictions, it continued to implement its strategic vision for EMS and was rewarded with improved service and excellent customer satisfaction. EMS Algeria responded from the very outset of the crisis by maintaining domestic and international operations, and this decisive strategy was appreciated by customers and partners.

The suspension of many outbound and inbound commercial flights strongly affected international export and import operations, EMS Algeria managed to overcome this by rescheduling to different destinations available worldwide. The same principle was applied for inbound volumes.

Rather than just react to the crisis, EMS Algeria pushed on with its strategic plan for 2020. Operational aspects were strengthened. Organization at offices of exchange was improved to ensure smooth export/import flows and short transit times at Customs, office of exchange and at airports. Recognising a need to further improve delivery, in less than 24 hours, it launched a new hub service allowing delivery in 25 provinces (wilayas).

Defining EMS as essential service allowed EMS Champion Post serve the needs of customers from the start of the COVID-19 crisis. Office and delivery staff working under COVID secure conditions were available six days a week. Post offices and outlets were open longer and a new order service was introduced. EMS Champion Post Algeria responded to as many customer requests as possible and worked to provide better information. As a result EMS Algeria achieved 98% on-time responses to customer service requests. The growth in export volume from June 2020 resulted in delivery difficulties at destination. In response, EMS Algeria’s customer service took on the handling of all “customer-partner” requests received in order to ensure smooth delivery of EMS items and improved customer experience. The EMS service was strengthened as a result.

New technological solutions were put in place to improve customer experiences. The EMS Champion Android application, available on Google Play store, provides customers with easy access to numerous services including: simulation of tariffs; weights, destinations; location of EMS deposit points and customer service contact points. Communications channels were strengthened so that customers received service updates by Post, on the web and through social networks.

Although a number of difficulties had been experienced in 2020, the actions taken by EMS Champion Post Algeria in 2020 to respond to customer needs, extend the network and support local and international partners, has put in place a robust structure so that it is perfectly placed to further grow EMS and contribute to economic recovery in 2021 and beyond.