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Snapshot of global and regional trends for EMS

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Customer survey

Every year the EMS market situation and traffic survey provides EMS operators insights on the latest global and regional trends. The resulting market intelligence insights can then be used by EMS operators to make strategic decisions and help improve EMS for customers.

In 2020, the Colography Group distributed its 2019 Market Situation Survey to the 180+ postal operator members of the EMS Cooperative with the goal of understanding the competitive position of the Posts’ premium export product in comparison to market alternatives. The survey provides insight into the working dynamics between Posts, postal sales strategies and technology utilization to enhance service capabilities.

The findings of the survey were presented to EMS operators in a series of regular regional teleconferences during March. The survey analysis has allowed the EMS Cooperative to accurately assess and report on the annual market situation, thereby providing members with trend analyses and information to aid strategic decisions looking forward.

The survey analysed 2019 market conditions and do not reflect the challenges facing Posts related to the COVID-19 pandemic and residual fallout that is still being witnessed today. For this reason EMS Cooperative members are asked to reply to the 2020 survey as soon as possible.