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Samoa Post prioritizing EMS for its international customers

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Samoa Post operational team holding Samoa's awards for EMS delivery performance
Samoa Post's operational team with Samoa's awards for EMS delivery performance

As COVID-19 restrictions are easing in some areas, operators are looking at ways to show customers that EMS takes priority over other postal services and compares favourably to competitors’ similar services.

Samoa Post elected to concentrate on EMS so that customers in Samoa could still send and receive international items. This decision paid off, customers chose EMS as their priority product for express items sent from Samoa during the state of emergency. As a result, revenues are up: in August there was a 43% increase compared to August 2019.

Like many operators, Samoa Post had to re-think transport routes so it used the weekly repatriation flight to its transport hub in New Zealand for its international EMS. As soon as the repatriation flights resumed, Samoa Post activated promotional activities and used social media to instantaneously inform the public on the resumption of services.

Marketing of EMS was important to differentiate EMS relative to other services and against competitors. Samoa Post publicized that EMS items could be sent and worked to recoup customers' confidence in the EMS service. Operational staff took part in online training so when EMS restarted they were familiar with the new EMS customer care system, i-Care and up to date on the latest EMS regulations. During this recovery period, as transport around the world is still in flux, Samoa Post communicated honestly to its customers that delivery standards cannot be guaranteed due to international flight restrictions.

Customers in Samoa already receive an excellent EMS service. In the last two years, Samoa Post has received recognition for its EMS performance (silver awards in 2018 and 2019) and customer care (2018 and 2019). The recovery work during 2020 to prioritize EMS, will help ensure e-commerce customers in Samoa can continue to send cross-border items and be connected internationally.