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Welcome to our refreshed EMS web

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Our 185 members work together providing a global network to deliver EMS, the fastest cross-border postal service. As our customers use EMS for their international e-commerce, we have worked to provide a website that not only delivers information to postal operators offering EMS, but also pages that support EMS customers worldwide.

Since the introduction of the online tracking tool, visitors to the EMS web have increased year on year. The tracking tool is the most visited page on the EMS website as it is a central location for customers to track EMS shipments throughout the world.

To further support EMS customers, as part of a web refresh in July, we introduced a new section ‘Contact us’: Here customers can find dedicated EMS operators pages that include EMS contact information, as well as information on each EMS service, including ways of sending international EMS, product characteristics and any additional EMS services e.g. EMS Algeria.

To keep EMS postal operators up to date, the web also has a password protected area which provides more detailed information that members can use to support EMS customers. As part of the refresh, there are now two homepages: one for EMS customers and another for EMS operators (accessed with a password). On the public homepage, the tracking information and EMS news stories, which showcase the work being done for the EMS service by EMS Cooperative members worldwide, take centre stage. In contrast, the members' area has been refreshed so that content tailored for EMS operators is more prominent.

We hope that you enjoy the changes to EMS Cooperative web.