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Postal advanced electronic data compliance with customs

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Customs Clearance

As part of the work to improve end-to-end transport excellence, EMS Cooperative members have been working with Customs to ensure efficient Customs clearance and timely delivery of EMS items. 

All EMS Cooperative members should comply with local customs authorities’ requirements for advanced electronic data on incoming postal items. This will benefit customers and ensure revenue growth and the security of the global postal network.

Advanced electronic data is communicated to customs authorities through the postal transmission of an electronic version of the customs declaration forms in standard UPU electronic data interchange (EDI) format (ITMATT between postal operators and USITM/CUSRSP between Post and Customs). 

Imminent and emerging changes in laws and regulations affecting cross-border postal services in large markets such as Australia, Brazil, China, Great Britain, the European Union and the United States underscore the urgent need for all UPU designated operators: 

  1. to fully implement and comply with new UPU standards, including ITMATT M33-11 and EMSEVT V3, and
  2. to transmit advanced electronic data to their postal partners. 

EMS Cooperative members should check that they meet these standards which are supported by the UPU’s International Postal System (IPS) and Customs Declaration System (CDS). 

If members need further support please urgently contact the EMS Unit or the Postal Technology Centre (PTC).