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Oman’s commitment to EMS results in strong growth

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Oman Post's 2019 EMS performance improvement
Oman Post's 2019 EMS performance improvement

Oman Post is growing its EMS business, creating more value for its increasing customer base. The logistics company has made significant investments in technology to improve service performance as well as introducing new features to enhance its EMS service. The company’s efforts have paid off and in 2018 it achieved a massive 60 per cent increase in export volumes, compared to the previous year.

The transformation of its EMS services is part of Oman Post’s robust development strategy, ‘Driving Transformation through Business Excellence’, which is in line with the national logistics strategy to position the Sultanate as a leading trade and logistics hub. Focusing on optimizing core mail operations, enhancing its logistics network and international growth, the ambitious strategy also enables the goals set out in the EMS Cooperative’s Business Plan.

Meeting the evolving needs of today’s e-commerce customers, EMS Oman has implemented a number of improvements including additional types of delivery such as home delivery and pick-up points, and new online features enabling customers to create orders for mail collection and delivery through the website. All of this was communicated to customers through EMS Oman’s active presence on social media.

The EMS service also saw improvements behind the scenes. International transport performance and supply chain efficiencies were analysed and upgraded, while investments in the latest technologies provide support staff the resources needed to maximize performance. 

A rigorous attention to detail meant that the company was able to achieve immediate and tangible service improvements. Oman Post reviewed the existing workflow in its offices of exchange, resulting in redesigning the layout and changing staff shift patterns to align them with the workflow. A system of standard operating procedures and checks was introduced to ensure that all data is transmitted and that customers and partners know the status of their EMS items.

However, the company has not stopped at this success and continues to focus on improvements. In April 2019, EMS Oman took part in the EMS Cooperative Performance Review, and is already demonstrating determination in implementing the Review's recommendations to provide more measures and features that will further enhance EMS Oman. All this work is to ensure that EMS remains one of Oman Post’s most popular and trusted services.