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Madagascar revitalizing EMS to meet e-commerce demands

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Paositra Malagasy - Madagascar EMS
Paositra Malagasy - Madagascar EMS

Madagascar is one of many African countries experiencing rapid EMS growth as its customers begin to adopt e-commerce. In 2017, Madagascar's Paositra Malagasy's EMS traffic grew by 15%.

Cross border purchasing is growing and becoming a larger part of the e-commerce market in Africa. Madagascar is working to target individuals, businesses and public administrations and offer them an improved EMS service.

Paositra Malagasy made improvements to its EMS service in three steps. The first step was to fully utilize the support available from the UPU and the EMS Cooperative. It has taken advantage of training opportunities: now staff have the skills to use EMS reports to closely monitor and make adjustments to improve performance.

Senior management were engaged in the process and all worked together to revitalize EMS within Madagascar. Offices were improved and they invested in marketing to raise customers aware of the EMS service. To ensure that EMS service could compete with other international carriers Madagascar maintained competitive pricing and engaged in 'door-to-door' outreach for major customers.

The final step was to focus on improving customer service. To do this it worked to meet the EMS customer care award criteria and followed best practices to offer high-quality customer care to both customers and EMS partners worldwide. Madagascar will continue making improvements, including plans to introduce more electronic advanced data exchanges and further cooperate with Customs and airlines.  

As the market for e-commerce in Africa continues to evolve, Madagascar is working to ensure its customers are connected to both the regional and global economy by providing them reliable, visible and affordable EMS service.