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EMS brand central to customer experience for Korea Post

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EMS branding prominent on Korea Post's new boxes
EMS branding prominent on Korea Post's new boxes

Korea Post is leading the way in their work developing the EMS brand. It has successfully re-designed their packaging and labels so that the EMS brand is now central to the customer experience when using EMS in Korea. 

Other Asia Pacific EMS operators attending a recent symposium were so impressed by the results of Korea's new EMS branding that they agreed to work together to start using a common EMS label and packaging. 

Korea's branding strategy was an obvious next step in improving EMS for their customers. In 2017, survey results showed that EMS is the most used delivery service in Korea and yet Korean SMEs picked a rival courier with a high-brand value as their most preferred delivery company. Korea Post understood that their EMS brand was not being used consistently and so they focussed on the most critical moments in the Korean EMS customer experience. 

The EMS customer was central to the change. Korea Post re-designed their EMS label to make the EMS brand clearer and improved the guidance offered when preparing their address labelling. Simple changes helped to increase clarity: such as adding icons alongside text, including a written approval space for customers and offering an additional English version of the guidance for their foreign customers. 

The second focus for Korea Post was to increase EMS brand recognition by a re-design of their EMS packaging. Many EMS operators use packaging featuring the postal operator’s brand with the EMS brand of secondary importance. EMS is delivered worldwide so Korea Post opted to re-design their packaging so that now the EMS brand colours are the most visible when customers receive their EMS item conveying the EMS brand attribute of a seamless, highly reliable global expedited network. 

All EMS operators mutually benefit from the EMS brand. The work by Korea Post and the endorsement from other operators in Asia Pacific who will work together to adopt EMS common labels and boxes will help increase EMS brand value thus benefit all EMS operators.