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General Assembly approves EMS Vision for 2024

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Participants at February 2020 EMS General Assembly

EMS operators are ideally positioned to meet the opportunities presented by the worldwide growth of e-commerce. The vision on how to do this is set out in the new 'EMS Cooperative Business Plan 2021–2024 - EMS Vision 2024' which was approved by members of the EMS Cooperative at the 23rd General Assembly in Berne on 12-13 February. The new Business Plan sets out where EMS needs to be in 2024 and is the result of extensive consultation with postal operators around the world.

The EMS Vision 2024 clearly shows how the EMS Cooperative’s 182 designated operator members can keep pace with the demands of shippers and consumers. It sets out the strategy and resources needed including a work plan for the next four years demonstrating how EMS Cooperative members will continue to work together providing a unified global network and meeting incremental standards to ensure that EMS remains the fastest postal product.

The General Assembly also approved the 2020 budget and work plan which prioritizes training and resources to support members in meeting EMS business expectations. The key activities over the next year include continuing EMS Cooperative reports development, regional EMS support and the launch of the new customer service system, EMS i-Care.