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Focus on even faster service for EMS Vietnam

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Customer service EMS Vietnam

EMS Vietnam has been one of the most successful EMS operators in recent years. In 2017 they were awarded with an EMS customer care award and an EMS performance award. In the last four years it has seen a gradual rise in EMS volume and revenue, inbound growth grew 7% from 2016 to 2017. 

Customer service is central to its success. Customers in Viet Nam take advantage of a huge service network of 12,400 serving points around the country and excellent customer communications through SMS notifications. The focus on customer improvement means that international EMS customers in Viet Nam can manage their airway bill online and follow their items through online tracking.

Fast transport links are necessary for their international express items. A key part of EMS Vietnam's recent strategy has been a focus on how to improve transport performance to ensure the item is delivered to the recipients in the fastest way. 

EMS Vietnam has contracts with some of the world's leading airlines and, as airline timetables frequently change their schedules, they are actively exploring new flight routes to ensure its EMS items has the most direct transport routes. Along with this EMS Vietnam is looking to expand its existing transport network in case there are issues with the existing routes. They closely cooperate with airlines and meet periodically to review service quality. Understanding that close communication with supply chain partners helps keep their customers informed, EMS Vietnam is also working on the number and quality of electronic messages exchanged with providers.

The work that EMS Vietnam is doing will help customers as it is making the transport pipeline as efficient and speedy as possible to ensure that priority is given to EMS items. The improvements are clearly working and EMS Vietnam expects their inbound growth to be up to 10% for 2017 to 2018.