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EMS supporting customers at this busy time

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The 2023 peak season is important for EMS, signalling the return to normalcy for operators after years of COVID-19 restrictions. The EMS network is ready to accommodate the seasonal surge in demand.

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The peak season for EMS starts early with online shopping events. While not achieving the record-breaking sales seen in pre-pandemic times, Singles Day on November 11 remains the most important shopping event in many parts of the world. Prime’s Early Access Sale in mid-October has also accelerated the start of the 'Peak' shopping season, driving shoppers to make their purchases sooner rather than later. These shopping events are quickly followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. A further wave of demand is generated by customers sending parcels home on time for holiday celebrations.

The escalating cost of living in various regions, has prompted many customers to seek early bargains and seasonal discounts to manage their budgets. Recognizing the trend for early shopping for budget-friendly deals, EMS operators have worked hard to accommodate this surge in demand.

With transparent pricing and a robust global network spanning 175 countries, EMS is positioned to meet the demands of this extended peak season. In anticipation, postal operators worldwide have reinforced their services. The commitment to handling the sales and holiday volumes efficiently can be seen through investments in additional vehicles, extended delivery hours and the hiring of more seasonal employees. Special offers are also being rolled out, encouraging customers to embrace the spirit of holiday celebrations by sending parcels to loved ones worldwide.

EMS, with its global operating network, ensures timely and efficient delivery for cross-border purchases, thus serving the evolving needs of both merchants and consumers. Convenience remains paramount in holiday shopping, and EMS operators are ready to support customers at this busy time of the year.