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EMS ready for seasonal shopping events

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Online shopping sales

Singles Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year celebrations, new year sales events – the list of demand for online shopping seems to grow each year as the e-commerce market around the world expands.

Added to this, 2020 has been no ordinary year. Restrictions to stop the spread of COVID-19 have led to a big growth in online shopping. As brick and mortar retail shops were closed, many customers used e-commerce for the first time and throughout the world more businesses are selling goods online to offset the decline in in-store visits.

Over the last few months EMS operators have been preparing their operations for the peak season and current e-commerce boom. Posts are working to find ways to support their local economy and develop stronger relationships with exporters. Throughout the network EMS operators have delivered new innovative solutions to serve consumers’ immediate needs during the pandemic, as well as in the upcoming holiday season.

Throughout the health crisis, postal workers from around the world have been a vital support for communities. As a trusted partner, customers using EMS for their international express shopping benefit from the local market knowledge of the EMS Cooperative’s 185 member Posts worldwide. One of the many advantages of using EMS is its transparent pricing, as unlike many private operators, EMS customers will not be expected to pay additional surcharges.

In a series of regional online meetings, EMS Cooperative members are exploring strategies to help navigate the current shipping landscape and help the recovery of the international e-commerce market. The world has been hit by a decrease in transportation options, so as a Cooperative, EMS members are working together to find solutions for international exports. As transport options have been limited, some Posts have streamlined the export options available to focus on EMS.

EMS Cooperative Posts provide an essential service within their local countries. Shopping for the holidays in 2020 will be very different but through close cooperation EMS operators are prepared so that customers can send and receive international items.