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EMS operators supporting e-commerce returns

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Preparing E-commerce returns

November through to January is the peak season for international EMS deliveries around the world. Shopping records were broken in 2019, including November’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival and Black Friday sales in countries around the world. The peak season is far from over as Chinese New Year celebrations are still to take place on 25 January.

To ensure that e-commerce items reach customers around the world, EMS operators have in place additional resources including extra staff, more deliveries and increased transport services.

Although the efficient delivery of items that is key, customers also expect a good returns service. The number of returns each year continues to grow and the start of January is expected to be a peak time for customers wanting to return unwanted holiday gifts.

The support given by EMS operators for making easy returns is vital. Many EMS operators have robust strategies in place to help customers with the surge in returns during this period.

EMS operators are meeting international e-commerce customer demands, including services to support the growing number of returns. It’s a challenging time but careful planning and a reliable service is helping to make EMS a choice for merchants wanting to grow their international e-commerce business.